What is Blue Waffle Disease?

What is Blue Waffle Disease?

Mar 05

Each year, there seems to be new diseases emerging. New diseases come to be the effect of human action. Even the causative agents of these diseases seem to mutate too making it much more difficult to manage. Blue Waffle disease is one of the new waves of diseases ever discovered.

What is blue waffle disease? The name implies the organ affected by this new emerging disease. Waffle is something that is used to stand for the female genitalia. It is termed “blue” because the disease makes the genitals appear bluish.

How will you know that you have got this disease already? Initially, the one having this disease may feel severe itchiness on the genital area. This goes to be a sign that indeed bacteria has come attacking the area already. Because of itchiness, the genitalia may appear swelling. Swelling is the number one manifestation that the body is fighting against bacterial invasion. In its end stage, the labia may appear to have patches that go bluish in color.

Once these signs and symptoms start to appear, take medical help as soon as possible. Bluish genitalia are never normal so there is a great deal over having it checked by a medical professional. Besides, there is nothing as rewarding as having to stop it from infecting the genitals even more. Early detection and prevention stops further damage from coming.

There is no definite causative agent for this condition. Since this is a new emerging disease, studies are still done to spot the real causative agent of such disease. However, there are practices that seem to be supporting the existence of this condition.

One practice that greatly affects the development of such disease is poor hygiene. The female genitals are one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Any imbalance in the pH level of such area may contribute to the development of a certain disease on the area. The least that one can do is to have it cleaned thoroughly to get rid of organisms that may cause disease.

Unprotected sex is also one of the causes that experts may come to see linked with the development of blue waffle disease. Unaffected genitalia may greatly have this disease once in contact with an infected one.

Getting rid of the practices listed above will greatly help a person prevent the occurrence of the disease and even prevent it from being transferred from one vehicle to another. The key to this is practicing good hygiene which is also the greatest revenge in fighting any other disease that comes.

As a phrase goes, “health is wealth”. In order to still function as a productive individual, you need to stay away from diseases such as this blue waffles disease. This is not that difficult to prevent though as long as you are just taking care of the most sensitive part of the body – the genitalia. Being clean and practicing safe sex are just two of the things protecting you from getting this rattling disease.