5 Fitness Styles to Try

5 Fitness Styles to Try

Jun 11

Every year new fitness workouts promise to quickly get you in shape. We sweated through a slew of them to find five that delivered real results. For the best results, aim for sessions two to three times a week.

The Bar Method

GOOD FOR: Toning the butt, thighs and hips

DETAILS: A mix of Pilates, yoga, ballet and strength training, the bar method is tough, but the pain is worth it.


GOOD FOR: Toning arms and shoulders

DETAILS: Russians have been using kettlebells for 2,000 years, and for good reason. For sculpted shoulders, learn the correct form from a pro, then add it to your gym routine.

Nordic Walking

GOOD FOR: Losing weight, toning legs and arms

DETAILS: By incorporating poles that add an arm component, you’ll burn about 20 percent more calories than regular walking.

TRX Suspension Training

GOOD FOR: Toning the torso

DETAILS: Originating in the Navy, the TRX system centers on suspended resistance straps that make things like push-ups and dips incredibly hard. But it works: you’ll see results in as little as three weeks. Try it at the gym or get your own TRX system for less than $200.


GOOD FOR: Losing weight, toning legs and butt

DETAILS: Promising a “fitness party,” the classes pair aerobics moves with up-tempo world music for a sweat fest that’s as slimming as it is fun. –Amy Westervelt