5 Fitness Styles to Try

5 Fitness Styles to Try

Jun 11

Every year new fitness workouts promise to quickly get you in shape. We sweated through a slew of them to find five that delivered real results. For the best results, aim for sessions two to three times a week.

The Bar Method

GOOD FOR: Toning the butt, thighs and hips

DETAILS: A mix of Pilates, yoga, ballet and strength training, the bar method is tough, but the pain is worth it.


GOOD FOR: Toning arms and shoulders

DETAILS: Russians have been using kettlebells for 2,000 years, and for good reason. For sculpted shoulders, learn the correct form from a pro, then add it to your gym routine.

Nordic Walking

GOOD FOR: Losing weight, toning legs and arms

DETAILS: By incorporating poles that add an arm component, you’ll burn about 20 percent more calories than regular walking.

TRX Suspension Training

GOOD FOR: Toning the torso

DETAILS: Originating in the Navy, the TRX system centers on suspended resistance straps that make things like push-ups and dips incredibly hard. But it works: you’ll see results in as little as three weeks. Try it at the gym or get your own TRX system for less than $200.


GOOD FOR: Losing weight, toning legs and butt

DETAILS: Promising a “fitness party,” the classes pair aerobics moves with up-tempo world music for a sweat fest that’s as slimming as it is fun. –Amy Westervelt

Heartburn Home Remedies

Heartburn Home Remedies

May 11

Heartburn (also known as acid reflux) is a common and uncomfortable problem that occurs when stomach acid comes up from the stomach into the esophagus. Comparing to other condition such as uncovertebral hypertrophy,there are some simple heartburn home remedies that you can use to reduce the burning sensation and help calm the stomach.


Chewing gum is a simple solution. Chewing gum can suppress nerves that trigger pain like the burning sensation. Heartburn often causes a reduction in salvia. Chewing gum forces the increase of saliva production, which in turn increases pH in the body. This helps to protect the stomach against the acid.According to some health sites,gum also helps the digestion process.


Other foods can be used instead of gum to help with heartburn.? Foods like celery are great. You want something that requires a lot of chewing and produces excessive saliva.


For those that do not have lactose problems, milk can be used to neutralize acid reflux and act as a buffer.


There is a reason some South American steakhouses give you pineapple after a heavy meal. Pineapple has bromelain in it. Bromelain acts an aid in digestion and reduces stomach inflammation.

Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV is a common home remedy for several ailments. In this case the acetic acid in ACV stimulates digestion and saliva production.

Pain in lower back- what are the solutions?

Pain in lower back- what are the solutions?

Dec 04

Pain in lower portion of back is one of the major worries to people all over the world irrespective of their age and gender. It has been said that people in the age group between 30 and 50, are the ones who mainly suffer from pinched nerve in lower back. For the ones who wonder as to what is meant by a pinched nerve in lower back, this article will provide the right answer. One has to note the point that back pain can be wing to various reasons and the back pain caused due to pinched nerve in lower back can be gotten rid of easily provided one takes steps to reduce its severity.

The ailment caused due to pinched nerve in lower back has become very common these days owing to the modern lifestyle that the people lead. One would not be wrong in terming that it is due to the wrong kind of eating and living habits that such problems arise. Pinched nerve in lower back can make life miserable for a person who suffers from it. The problem is mainly seen in people who are obese and have a very high body mass index. The absence of physical exercise is said to be the prime cause of the sciatic nerve in the lower back getting pinched.