Atlanta Air Conditioning Repair Cost Estimates

Atlanta Air Conditioning Repair Cost Estimates

Mar 24

Faced with the need of home air conditioning repair in Atlanta, most homeowners turn to their friends and neighbors to get an idea of the general cost in front of them. In most cases, just having an estimate of the AC repair cost is enough to get you moving on getting the work done while you try to stay cool, or at least starting to save your money and plan or budget for the possibility of an unexpected central air conditioner breakdown.

In this Atlanta HVAC article, we’re going to try to give you idea of the various reasons you may need to call out an Atlanta air conditioning repair company, and also give you some basic estimates of the cost of air conditioning repairs in the Atlanta area.

Disclaimer: The AC repair costs listed below are only estimates, based on years of experience in the industry and our knowledge of the Atlanta market. The ONLY way to get an exact repair quote, is for a qualified contractor to perform a onsite diagnosis and evaluation of the issue, to be sure the correct part is being replaced.

Typical AC Repair Service Call Charges

When your home air conditioning systems breaks, the first step in getting it fixed is to have an Atlanta AC Repairman come out and diagnose the problem. They usually charge a fee to do this, since its common to be price shopped for the actual repair.

  • $39-$179 – HVAC Service Call Cost

The price above reflects the commonly charged price you have to pay, just to get them to your home to diagnose the repair and give you a repair estimate or quote. Many times, contractors will offer specials for free estimates, or they will discount the cost of the call, as long as you agree to have the air conditioner repaired during the same visit.

AC Specific Repair Parts

  • $200-$800 Recharge Refrigerant and Leak Repair
  • $250-$500 Evaporator Coil Drain Pan Replacement
  • $75-$250 Condensate Line Cleaning and/or Repair (Not including ceiling or other damage repairs)
  • $120-$350 New Thermostat
  • $500-$900 Evaporator Coil (Uncased coil replacement)
  • $145-$450 Shorted Out Circuit boards
  • $145-$550 Fan Motor for Condenser
  • $165-$285 Replace Contactor or Capacitor
  • $195-$325 TXV or Metering Device
  • $200-$450 Copper lineset.
  • $650-$1600 Coil replacement — the condensing unit coil
  • $700-$1800 Compressor replacement
  • $750-$3500 Replacement Cost due to Theft (Prevent AC Theft)

When you find you are faced with a repair that exceeds $750, you should consider asking for a full replacement quote at the same time. You never know, for just a bit more money, you might be able to get a whole new system. Learn more about when to replace versus repairing your home AC system.

Your Experience and Feedback

Have you recently had your Atlanta air conditioning system repaired this year or last? What were the parts that needed to be replaced, and the prices range or estimate of the repair cost?