How to Make Him Cheat Proof

How to Make Him Cheat Proof

Jun 25

The more you respect your man, the more he will want to maintain that respect.  If you never nag him and you are his number one fan and you admire him on a deep level, your man will die before he loses that respect.  He wants to be your knight in shining armor.

Support your man and back him up in the way that he craves.

He will be there when you need him the most.  When there’s a cute new secretary, who thinks he’s so smart and dreamy, you have created the best factor you can into his evaluation of whether or not to cheat on you, you respect him and that’s worth more to him than you think.

And no one wants to lose respect from anyone, it’s the worst punishment you can have.

One of the keys to keeping your man from cheating is to show him respect.

This is just a very, very small sample from Girl Gets Ring–there is so much more for you to internalize as you ‘get into the guy’s head’ and learn how they think.