How to Stop a Nosebleed

How to Stop a Nosebleed

Oct 27

Bite on a cork. There’s good reason to do it if you have a nosebleed. Ruptures of the tiny blood vessels inside the nose are responsible for most nosebleeds, but you don’t have to engage in fisticuffs to get them. They can result from something as minor as sneezing or blowing your nose.

You can often stop the bleeding yourself by pinching your nostrils between finger and thumb, while applying ice to the bridge of your nose. If this doesn’t work, hold a small bowl under your nose to catch the blood while you wait for a clot to form. Try not to swallow, because that will displace the clot. Gripping a cork between your teeth will keep you from swallowing. Allow your saliva to drip into the bowl.

In addition, the British Medical Journal advises that the position of your body can be important in stemming the bleeding. Younger people who have lost only a little blood can stay upright, but older people or those who have lost a lot of blood should keep their heads low.

One thing you shouldn’t do is pack the nostril with cotton or tissue. That only keeps the broken blood vessels open.

If bleeding persists, get to a hospital. Doctors might want to spray your nose with medication to constrict the blood vessels.

There are some other comments for this article:

1. No, no, NO!!! The best thing to do to stop a nosebleed is to rip a piece off of a brown paper bag, fold it up and put it under your top lip. Right against that vein. Something in the brown paper stops the bleed in under 3 minutes. My oldest son gets massive nosebleeds from the dry air, and this works every time!

2. The title should be more specific. If you have a blood disease the best and only way is to stuff cotton and tissue up to your nose and apply pressure until it stops.

3. That’s exactly what I do Jenny! except I will just use any paper that’s at my disposal at the moment. When I was younger I used to get nose bleeds all the time. They always happened at the change of the season. Using a piece of paper and putting it under your top lip in front of your upper teeth helps stop the bleed very quickly.

I’ve used that method for about 7 years now and that’s the only method that I’m aware of to get a nose bleed to stop quickly.

4. Funny, my doctor has always told me to pinch the bridge of my nose and put an ice pack on the back of my neck while stuffing the nostril with gauze till the bleeding slows. Once the bleeding is down to a slow dribble, get some Vaseline or neosporin up there quickly to act as a band-aid and allow the cut to heal.