Ingrown Hairs – Knowing More is Always Better!

Ingrown Hairs – Knowing More is Always Better!

Mar 25

There are a few things that you need to know about the ingrown hairs. If you are thinking that some of them have just appeared on your skin and you are not finding the way out for them, then you should first educate yourself about why the ingrown hairs use to appear. This can make a huge difference for you. If you are still thinking that the ingrown hairs can appear due to unwanted reasons, then you are right. Some time we may damage the body hair growth and this can cause into the ingrown hairs. These ingrown hairs can rise like the curved ones. These hairs can curl back towards the skin or they can grow in a side wise movement. Due to this reason, the ingrown hairs can appear on our skin and the important thing to know is that such hairs can grow at just any body part.

Improper shaving and waxing procedure can also result into ingrown hairs said to Dr. Santa Martha. Using tight clothes can even damage the hair growth from the mid and due to this reason as well ingrown hairs can appear. So, you have to stop all those occurring in order to stay away from the kind of hairs. Most of the time people use to mix up ingrown hair with the pimple, as they can generate small reddish bumps on the skin. This never happens due to the follicle infections; rather you should consider this as the appearance of such hair. Knowing more about it is always better. Suppose you apply compress for 10 minutes and still you cannot see any other sign of the hair, problem is something else; and see dermatologist if problem persists. Stay very careful what sterilization method you use as some don’t react very well with human body in case they get in blood stream that is bleach.

Given are some steps to totally get rid of ingrown hair –

  • Soak clean cloth in the warm and hot water or lay this over infected ingrown hair & surrounding area for three minutes. This can cause ingrown hair for loosening. This can sometimes make it to come up to surface. You can check and see if it has happened or place cloth over area again & wait till it does.
  • Clean area to remove bacteria that might be there before trying to remove the hair.
  • When you have removed the infected hair, you can apply the hydrogen peroxide. Following that you might apply the bandage if needed.
  • Apply the hydrogen peroxide two times in a day to make sure quick healing process as well as prevent this from getting infected again.
  • Using tweezers and gently lift infected ingrown hair by the hair follicle. Also, you may ‘pluck’ hair also, however if hair has loosened from warm cloth, then you must simply pull hair out.