Marlin Bar and Grill

Marlin Bar and Grill

May 18

I usually go to the Marlin Bar every Sunday night (except on major holidays and when they have private booking times) to perform Beatles covers for everyone on open-mic nights and to just hang out and eat.  For those of you who are new to the Marlin Bar, or the Huntington Beach area, you are in for a surprise.  The Marlin Bar & Grill is just a little hole-in-the-wall (from the outside), but a nice atmosphere (inside) kind of place where you can just go in, buy some drinks, hang out with your buddies, and eventually meet some really nice people – at least I have done so.

The atmosphere seems like a Hawaiian/tropic setting with infused Classic/modern rock music; I actually like that in a joint like this.  There are also a couple of pool tables (you get to play for free every Sunday night – hence, one of the reasons why I go there Sunday nights).  There is no cover to get in, and of course, people under 21 are not allowed because of the alcohol (but I’m sure the parents would let them drink water, sodas, or juice, right?).  Anyway, like I was saying, the atmosphere is very lively and the people who work there is always full of energy (another reason why I love going there).

Now, onto the food and drinks.  I am not allowed to drink anything alcoholic because of some personal medical issues, but as far as the food goes, you pretty much get what you paid for.  The Marlin has typical American food from hamburgers to chili fries (my personal favorite from there) to spaghetti and meatballs.  And you know what else is cool about this place?  Breakfast is also served at night (so, yes, you can get a full-size breakfast burrito at 8:30 at night).  The portions are pretty big, so if you have an empty stomach, this is the perfect time to chow down. 

The people who work at the Marlin Bar, as well as the people who hang out and sing at the Marlin Bar are like another family to me.  As I have mentioned earlier, I have met a lot of really great people, and they had been really friendly, down-to-earth, and welcoming.  This is probably one of the top reasons why I love going to the Marlin Bar and Grill so much; I get to meet and become friends with a lot of very nice people. 

I have gone back to the Marlin a lot of times not just for the food and the nice people, but also for the entertainment.  Besides all of the Beatles covers I have been doing for everyone there, I have been watching a lot of the other Marlin open-mic regulars do their stuff from soft rock to country to folk songs.  This makes the Marlin Bar & Grill feel a lot livelier for a bar/pub, and I would never pick any other place to perform since it is also very close to home.

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