Momedy: Cute!

Momedy: Cute!

May 28


I lookover artwork that depicts the bond between mother and child through anthropomorphized animals and mythic creatures.

This print by Ashley Goldberg is called “Come To Me,” and is just so adorable it makes me go “Awwww” in the same way my in-laws do over Anne Geddes prints.

Image courtesy of Ashley Goldberg and

Ashley’s website is and it has links to other stuff she sells on, as well as images on I’ve become her number one fan. Good thing she works out of St. Louis, Missouri, and I’m broke courtesy of a recent trip to Tofino to learn to surf otherwise, I’d be camped outside her studio, living in a rental van, so I could be the first one to see what genius print would emerge from her imagination each day.

Her prints are perfect for the nursery, or your home office (where they’ll give you a guilt trip for parking your kid in front of the TV when you flee to check email), or as a baby shower gift for non-Geddes-inclined parents-to-be.