Tips to Improve Stretching Yoga Lunges

Tips to Improve Stretching Yoga Lunges

Jan 11

Some yoga poses require you to do lunges. But many beginners find it difficult to do lunges properly. It is very important that you learn to do it the right way, the first time itself. Here we shall discuss a few tips that you can bear in mind when doing lunges.

When you do a lunge, you can start from a kneeling position where your thighs are vertical and shins horizontal to the floor. Lift one leg, say your right leg and place it in a position where your thigh is horizontal and shin vertical. The precaution for you to take here is to ensure that you place your right foot with the toes pointing straight ahead. Do not turn your foot to your right or left, as this would not give you an effective foothold when you do the following steps.

Also ensure that your knee is right above your ankle and that your shin is not slanted. Now place your palms on either side of your right foot and lift your left leg on your toes. Your left knee is aloft the floor. Ensure that while stretching out your left leg, you do not lock your left knee. At this stage ensure that your head, neck, spine and left leg all are aligned at the same angle. The crown of your head should be aligned with your left heel. This would be a perfect lunge.

Those who find the length of their arms not just enough can also use props like yoga blocks, which you may place on either side of your right foot. You would need to do this if you find it difficult to place your palms on the floor on either side of your right foot, and also keep your head aligned with your left heel. You can now place your palms on the yoga blocks and ensure that the crown of your head and your heel are aligned at the same angle.

To ensure that the lunge is most effective for your spine, you would need to lower your hips to give exercise to your spine. With your right leg bent from the knee you would feel the stretch at your right glute (buttock). Another part where you would feel a stretch at this position is at the left thigh. At this stage, keep inhaling deeply in long sustained breaths. After three to five breaths at this stage, you can gradually lower your left knee to the floor and withdraw your right leg to bring it along side your left leg to exit from this lunge.


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