Viral Strep Throat

Viral Strep Throat

Feb 26

Strep throat is the inflammation and infection of throat and its surrounding areas. Basically strep throat is a bacterial infection and is caused by bacteria called as: streptococcus. The name of the disease: strep throat is derived from the name of bacteria causing it. The major symptoms of this disease are: swelling of lymph nodes, inflammation in throat and in very severe cases, fever and rashes on the body. Most of the people think that the disease is caused by virus, which is a misconception and there is no such thing as viral strep throat. Sores in the throat are also caused by viruses and the infection is viral infection but that infection is termed as sore throat not viral strep throat.

The symptoms of strep throat resemble a lot with the symptoms and signs. In both kinds of infections one suffers from inflammation and pain in throat with the appearance of soars on and around the throat. But it is very wrong to say that one is suffering from the condition as it is medically wrong term. If one is suffering from the viral throat infection then the term used for that infection is sore throat not strep throat and this is the basic difference between strep and sore throat.

Throat infections are most common among the people and children who spend most of their time in the crowdy places e.g. these kinds of infections are very common among school going children, college going teenagers and office going adults Because these infections are contagious and spread easily through air, food, saliva and other physical contacts. E.g. if a child is having sore or strep throat and he sneezes or coughs, the bacteria or viruses will spread in the air  through droplets expelled through sneezing or coughing and there are a lot of chances that they may infect the other children sitting around the infected child.

Viral and bacterial sore throat can easily determined by the swab test. If the sore throat is viral then it is termed as sore throat but of it is bacterial then it is termed as strep throat. Most of the times, the sore throat is of viral origin that is why the viral sore throat is called as sore throat. However there is no infection called as viral strep throat, it is a complete misconception and a false concept of less aware people.

To treat strep throat one can take anti biotic advised by doctor because bacteria are killed easily with the help of antibiotics but in the case of viral strep throat one has to weight for the disease to complete its time period i.e. around seven to ten days, because viruses are not killed by antibiotics. And there is no use of taking anti biotic or other medicine in the case of viral throat infection. However one can take medicine to cure side symptoms like: fever, headache, pain etc, but there is no medicine for killing viruses.

Always take precautionary measures if there is someone infected with the throat infection around you, to protect yourself from that infection. No matter the infection is viral or bacterial; you have to protect your self from both because both of them are contagious. But viral disease is more contagious as compared to bacterial disease.

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