Interested in American Football? Age 14-16?

Interested in American Football? Age 14-16?

Dec 04

Interested in American Football?
Age 14-16?
Want to represent your city?

Then why don’t you give us a try! The Cassidy Jets are recruiting junior kitted (age 14-16) players for the 2009 season and beyond! American football is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK and Coventry is already home to one of the best teams in Europe!

Will my size and ability affect my chances?
Described as the ultimate team sport, nothing feels better than scoring the game winning touchdown or making a big tackle on the opposition. Given the nature of the sport every shape, sex and size can be accommodated and you will see game time against teams from all across the UK. The 6’4” 260lb lineman is as important as the 5’8” 185lb star player.

What chances are there to progress in this sport?
There is a natural progression from Junior football into Youth football and then ultimately into the Jets senior team. But if you are good enough there are chances to play at a professional level. There are many professional leagues in the USA and Canada, to which European players are being recruited. There are at least 5 former BAFL players currently playing professional football over there, ranging from the Arena Football League to the NFL. American football is also played all over North America at high school and collegiate level and if you are good enough and have the brains there are opportunities to play over there to continue your football and your education. Danny Wardell, the Jets Free Safety, has spent the past year with an NCAA Div 2 college in Minnesota and more US colleges are looking towards Europe for players. Similarly there are teams across Europe that play at semi pro level equal to the Jets that are always looking for good young players so you can see that in American football terms the world is your oyster!

Where and when do you train?
Both Junior and Youth train at Woodlands School and Sports College, Broad Lane, Coventry. Training starts at 12.30pm and finishes 3pm, although you will need to be there for noon so we can sort you some equipment. You will need to use the entrance to the Power League Centre to access the changing facilities. All sessions are coached by qualified BAFCA and CRB checked coaches.

What do I need to start training?
All you will need for your first training session is normal sports wear, T-shirt, jogging bottoms or shorts and football boots. You may need to wear extra clothing depending on the weather. You will also need to bring along a drink. One essential item you do need is a gum shield, which you can find in most sports shops and usually cost £3.

How much does it cost?
When you begin all it will cost is your registration fee for the league and club membership, which is £50! Broken down, it works out at a bargain 97p a week over the whole year! The club will help with your kit, providing your helmet and shoulder pads for training and games. Eventually you may want to purchase your own kit and this can range from £100 to £300.